Wednesday, August 18, 2010


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wuaaaa....rase nak nangis la tau mark presentation
teruk...xpernah dapat mark teruk cmni
dala 1st presentation in this semester
sedihh gilee wehh
balik2 my left toe berdarah
lagilaaa sedih
sy berharap pada kekerapan
kekerapan disini maksudnye ialah..
bila sesuatu yg sy mulakan tidak menjadi baik,
selalunya yg mendatang akan beransur pulih
sy berharap...sgt2 :'(

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


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sometimes i wish i could forget my past
sometimes i wanna go somewhere far-far away
sometimes i'm tired and tears always following me

it is not easy to forget someone that we love
there are sometimes when things happen i just can't help to think about it
i'm hoping the right person is out there
i really do...

loving someone is not easy and i can't force myself
i may be your friends but i can't simply love you
that is the hardest thing
i'm just a normal human being

i'm not easily fall in love
but i can love you easily if we have the chemistry
for now, just please let the time decide
i want to live my life to the fullest

mode : sentap tetibe nk tggu waktu buka

Sunday, August 8, 2010


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i thinks that was what most people said about the youngest kid in a family
i love the attention given to me and the trust that i thinks everyone wish for
and i'm grateful to experience that in my life

today,my family went back home..after we spend time together last night
i miss that kind of moments and i love the way it is still there though some are married
i love the way we share our laugh and love..that can never be replaced
i miss everyone...

i'm not coming from a well-to-do family which have a dato n datin as mum and dad
we are only an ordinary family, and i'm glad that we have each other
caring for each other and loving one another such a blessed from Him
Ya Allah, thanks for all of these..i'm grateful

i used to get what i want since my childhood
they try their best to give what i want
and as i grew older, i understand their sacrifices
for this, Alhamdulillah

i'm easily pissed off when something happen
but praise to Allah that He sometimes help me getting through it easily
some says "untunglah u" but thanks to Him for making it happen
either i get what i want from someone or i get it by chance...i'm grateful,really

*this entry as an appreciation to first of all Him, the Creator
and my family...

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

u can label it whtever u like :)

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cermin memantulkan refleksi diri
haaaaaa...kt sini xleh nk chong dah
just between you and the mirror
u can says anything to anyone regarding anything
but in the end,looks into the mirror to know better :)
*silela sedar

sedar xsedar da 4th week in uia..
time flies babeh! cm xcaya i was about to graduate
now i've seen more of people's attitude
you,you and you...yes YOU!
CHANGING? is that what u called changing from a phase to another?
* la SGT!!

u used to do what u said was wrong then u suddenly realize it
then u start judging people and claims that u change..
owh my! though u might improving ur personal life,
that doesnt mean u r PERFECT! nobody is perfect except ALLAH..
*duhhh...u knew it already thts the fact!

though u claimed u've change, yet u still...MENJAGA TEPI KAIN ORG
is that what u called CHANGING? hahaha..
change ur appearances doesnt mean u r a different person or BETTER
cloths wont change who u are...maturity and behaviour is...
a different thing that u cant simply said u r GOOD
*BUDI BAHASA n TATASUSILA itu lagi penting

i'm not here to judge...i'm being neutral
some said u r the one who makes me treat you like tht..
huh??? ape kebenda nye...kalu perangai ko elok ko xwat org
i'm nt a person who bother ppl or attack ppl...hahahaha ye eh u cmtu?
stalking ppl n sibuk hal org n kdg ckap melepas then say sorry tu ape yer???
*tepuk dada tanya hati..siapa awk sbnarnye

CLAIMING n ACCUSE ppl is easy ayte?
ngaku jela..coz u r used to it...
lets live life with a clear mind,reduce ur -ve thought
stop judging ppl, coz u r wht u are n u cant hide it
n one more thing, what goes around comes around la makcikss especially n pkcikksss too
*ustazah kate org yg alim xkn mengaku diri alim..tu salah satu cntoh mudah yer...

xsalah mengingatkn, menegur, menasihati
coz org kate jgn pndang keburukan penasihat
tp pandangla nasihatnye.....jd anyone can say n labels ppl
but puhh-leaseeee jg tatasusila cara2 awk yerrr.....
*respect others if u want the same thing,working wont change ppl..REMEMBER that

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