Friday, October 16, 2009

home sick

Posted by H.A.M.I.M at 11:09 PM
yes as stated sgt2 nk pulang ke rumah...unfortunately I CAN'T! assignment n homework n presentation is next week...if lik rumah sy tidak akan study sbb main ngn my nephew..mama, papa adik nk lik :( so i decided that i'm not going home this weekend...lik next week ngan hati yang lapang dan tenang untuk rest bfore final exam...yup FINAL EXAM ! sy sekrang sgt tension dgn my surrounding...i desperately need smthing to cheer me up which is FOOD!! pendek kan cerite i'm going out tomorrow to give myself a treat...sushila...sgt mengidam...tension2 nie mmg kuat mkn..can't help it..kalu da bosan sgt why not a movie..nway syawal gonna end this week...salam everyone :)

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