Monday, May 24, 2010


Posted by H.A.M.I.M at 1:10 AM
Manila...yes a trip that should took place ths week...
I xtau pape then suddenly my cptain msg
Seriously i cume online if i kt jb my sis’s house
Tp when i’m home i xde internet...
N after he informed me then i try use my BASIC FONE SONY K330
Korg pon xpernah sedr kewujudan tth fone kn?
Coz honestly my fone rosak so i lost all contact num n no one say a word to me
So jgnla ckp cm u did everythng as if i xnk g
Sape yg xnk...but all of sudden in one day i was informed then nk try cr sponsor
Wht bout other things???? Plan yg lain? My fmly’s vacation?? Mmgla x kt luar negara n its cheap tp it was the plan...i was the teammate n i deserve at least a peace of info! So dun simply said oh i did everythng like i dun appreciate it,for god sake!

People who read...i xmarah tp if u r at my place how would u feel?????

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