Sunday, December 13, 2009

keeping "i love you" to myself

Posted by H.A.M.I.M at 10:47 AM
the person is in front of you but you just can't tell him how much you love him..
have you ever encounter this part in your life?
well its hurting me..
i want him so much..but i don't want him to go away when i confess..

since i know that there will be no more relationship than friend for us..
and i have to keep it since i don't want to lose him..
i'm hating myself cause i do appreciate what i have which mean this friendship..
but i want more..which i think makes people hating me..

i'm sorry, i just can't help the feelings that growing inside me each and every single day..
what i must do is keep the distance between us so that i won't hurt that much..
though i actually lied that of course i'll get hurt..
will i survive with this?.....i don't know but i'll try..


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