Saturday, November 21, 2009


Posted by H.A.M.I.M at 4:12 AM
life have steps and so do bowling! trainng bersame rakan2 tercinta for next tourney which is ISF that will be held 7-11 dec if i'm nt mistaken..we're running out of the trainng will continue after ry hj :)

so i'm going home ths sunday n will be back here in dec..i'm gonna miss uia n also people arond me..

cite pasal steps..bfore ne 4 tp mlm td noer suruh tukar 5..mula2 cm xsetuju n rase payah n almost give up! tp pikirkan tourney n the rasional yg org buat sesuatu n ubah sesuatu utk kebaikan so i'm giving my full cmmtmnt...

akhirnye score jgn dilihatla..pling rendah 118 so i knw i really need to work hard! ths's probably gonna b my last i'm hoping for medal though i heard participant ramai nyah ! n international mean ade dr thai n philipn n etc..apekah? haha

will brng my baby pink home n will role with her at tht tgn xkeras rest lame..i need my rythm!

mustangs mmg sempoi..kami tgu bus kt tgga pon gelak cm ape...time trainng we enjoyed n lik dlm bus mmg kelakar..i love them..its nt easy to have mates like them..

lik knon nk baring jap tp trus tdo smpi 1.50 pg..then pasni nk kemas brg2..then mkn maggie :) exam ni mkn junk food je...lik umah nk main ngan my nphew so leh kurus ket..hahahaa

n sunday ni lik ngn sorry i wont be around to update my blog nor facebooking..happy holiday and selamat hr ry hj everyone..


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